How I Make 300 A Day Getting Paid For Taking Surveys

Published: 19th July 2009
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The economy was tough on my family. I am a mom of two and my husband was being laid off.

I made some tough decisions early in life, probably had my two daughters a little too young, probably didn't marry the man of my dreams, but, I never regretted a single one. However, my problems were amplified when we looked at our budget. We were spending way too much, yet, I had not eaten out in almost a year. Whether it was diapers or formula, it just seemed like it was too much to handle.

A friend of mine was telling me about her little secret from her husband, she was getting paid for taking surveys, and the money she earned she took it shopping. I thought it was ridiculous. You're trying to tell me that someone is going to pay me to click a few buttons?

So, I let it go for a few months.

And, then the unthinkable happened. My husband, a blue-collar engineer at Boeing was laid off. There goes the health insurance, there goes the 39k a year that we were scraping by on.

Now, before I began getting paid for taking surveys, my husband fell into a deep depression. He hardly looked at me, and spent most of the time "out with friends" or in front of the television. I think they only joy he got was spending some quality time with our daughters. I know it's not the worst, but, as a young woman who hadn't really experienced much before him, it was beginning to eat away at me.

That's when I stopped feeling bad for myself. For the most part, my life was still ok, my parents helped out as much as they could, my children were healthy, and my husband, though distant, was still around.

I went to my friend and asked her about getting paid for taking surveys. She said it was easy, you just have to no where to go. She told me about this website and I checked it out. After a little bit of nudging (considering the cost of the membership was about all I had left in my account), I gave in.

I just want to let you guys know it's been since 6 months since I began.

I am single now, still have my two kids. Their father is around, and we have a far better relationship than when we were married. I work only a few hours a day, and make more than enough to support all of us. I consistently am making around $300 a day when I actually put my mind to work, other days I bring in around $150.

I spend my days clicking on buttons, watching movie trailers (yeah, get paid for that), a few focus groups, but mostly, I'm hanging around my kids. They are only this young for so long, so I'm happy I can enjoy them, and support them.

I am looking to purchase my first house this year, and looking to share my experience with a few moms, dads, or people who just need a way out of this mess. I still can't believe I get paid for taking surveys.

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